Politics and stuff…. #maga #antifa #trump

Twitter is insane these days, with proverbial battles about physical battles battling for power, voice, and rights. I can't help but feel anyone's opinion will inevitably offend someone of an opposing political party, myself included. Sometimes I will read a liberal point of view and shake my head. Other times, I have been cursed out … Continue reading Politics and stuff…. #maga #antifa #trump

To Survive vs. to Live Each Day

via Daily Prompt: Survive What does it mean to survive? To live...to stay alive...to survive is to stay alive. When I think about a major car accident on the news, and I read that people survived, I think, "Wow, phew! Great!" However, when I think about the word survive in my own little life's context, … Continue reading To Survive vs. to Live Each Day

Still celebrating Easter

Just humble-bragging about my husband's message to his Bible Study Group this week...some food for thought: Brothers,      I apologize for the extremely late post. We read today about The resurrection story yet again and for me I am still pumped about Easter. What a great holiday where we celebrate awesomeness. Trying not to … Continue reading Still celebrating Easter