To Survive vs. to Live Each Day

via Daily Prompt: Survive What does it mean to survive? To stay survive is to stay alive. When I think about a major car accident on the news, and I read that people survived, I think, "Wow, phew! Great!" However, when I think about the word survive in my own little life's context, … Continue reading To Survive vs. to Live Each Day

Still celebrating Easter

Just humble-bragging about my husband's message to his Bible Study Group this week...some food for thought: Brothers,      I apologize for the extremely late post. We read today about The resurrection story yet again and for me I am still pumped about Easter. What a great holiday where we celebrate awesomeness. Trying not to … Continue reading Still celebrating Easter


I am excited for the future. Right now is a good season for me, or at least that's how I am seeing it today. Check this out! I am starting a personal training career while homeschooling my two kids. Things will be busy, but they will be GOOD! I am excited to have finished … Continue reading LAUNCHING A NEW SITE!!!

Navigating through life

Why struggle with maps, compasses, signs, when you can utilize your GPS, right? So why do we ask the opinions of peers, peer over celebrity Instagram posts, or seek influences and inspiration from places that contradict the ways of the Lord? The ultimate road map for living in this world is Scripture. Just like our … Continue reading Navigating through life