Finding Jesus

Three years ago I wasn’t sure Jesus was the Son of God. I joked I must be Jewish. Now, after reading Christian apologetics, watching debates, studying the entire Holy Bible as well as Bible reference books,  I truly believe he is the Son of God. It makes so much sense to me now in ways I just didn’t understand before. I am the type of person that is skeptical about everything at first, and I was about Jesus, too. I wanted to believe, but I couldn’t force myself to, or pretend I was a Christian when deep down inside I had doubts about it. It’s not something I can lie about. In my search for Christ I did everything I could to look at both sides of the arguments and make sure I was thinking objectively and critically. Well, God won. I think He always does. He won me over, and I hope He can win you over, too. You have a lot to lose if you don’t have faith!

My hopes with this humble blog are to help bring other doubters or lost people to Him so they can be saved. I have found some great online resources and websites that can answer tricky questions we all have. (Try,,  I haven’t been baptized yet, and am waiting for the opportunity to do so. If you are new to the Bible, I recommend starting with the New Testament first, then going back to read the Old Testament once you are finished with the New.

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