Easter Prayer

Easter represents so much, and to me it represents the fact that Jesus is very much alive, and loves us. It makes me feel happy to know that He loves us so much he was willing to die an excruciating death so that we may be freed and gifted with salvation.

Lord, I pray for our world leaders in hopes that they acknowledge your existence and love. I pray that they make decisions with knowledge of your wisdom behind them. This weekend, I want to pray for everyone who doesn’t know Jesus. I pray that they can learn about him through other Christians, the Word, online websites, and more importantly YOU, Lord. I pray that you can show them the right way, and the way to your eternal love. I pray for the sick and the hungry, Lord, and that they know their suffering is just a short time on this earth compared to eternity in Heaven with you.

I pray for the readers out there, that you are inspired and lifted up with the love that Jesus has for you. Be gracious this weekend and reach out to those who are in need. God Bless and Happy Easter.

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