Why is God a curse word these days?

It seems to me that society these days seems to shun the idea of God or Jesus. If you walk through a crowd wearing a shirt that says “Jesus”, you’d get more odd looks thrown your way versus the other guy with a satanic star on his tee. In fact, the satanist may even be applauded for being so daring or different. Why is that? Why is God taboo in modern culture? Thankfully I have the Bible that tells me we are not of this world, and that we are to hate the evil and sins of this world. We belong somewhere else; with our Creator, for eternity. Why is the existence and worship of our Creator a hard pill for people to swallow?

Sure, I was one of these people. I remember a group coming up to me asking if I knew Jesus, wanting to hand me a free Bible…this was when I was about 13. I was more than unkind to them in response, and I’ll spare you the shameful details. My parents used to speak of “Born Again” Christians with disgust on their faces. “Hypocrites,” they’d say, “Those people just want to shove their religion down our throats–and screw us if we don’t accept it!” Perhaps that is why young people tend not to know or talk about Him in social circles. Is it that they indeed know He exists, but because they don’t see Him it means he is not there to judge them? It means they don’t have to answer to Him, and can then continue doing things their way? YOLO–You only live once– is a popular phrase among the young generation today, but it’s nothing new or original. “Life is short so let’s take advantage of every moment by doing whatever we want, no matter who it hurts”, seems to be the way of thinking these days.

Perhaps Jesus is an off-topic because it’s thought if you follow Him it means you can’t keep doing all the fun stuff you are used to doing. No more bar hopping every weekend, one-night stands, or hanging with groups that prefer to partake in what God sees as sin. Just because you are Christian, it doesn’t mean you are perfect. It means because we accept his gift of salvation and everlasting love, we want to (not forced to) do what is right in our hearts. (And by the way, we can still have fun, go on adventures, love, laugh, live, sing, and indulge a little!) However, we listen to that inner-voice, the conscience, that tells us to do the right thing. We strive to keep our relationship with Him strong and in good-standing. We want to do good things, because it feels good…to stand up for the little guy, to serve where we are needed, to show compassion to our neighbors and family.

I know there are millions of believers, including young ones, but I’d love if it was “cool” to believe, wouldn’t you? God gave us the freedom to choose Him or not, because he loves us. I pray he can touch the hearts of young celebrities to inspire the millions of people that read Twitter every night instead of the Bible.

2 thoughts on “Why is God a curse word these days?

  1. stevetheman18 says:

    Yes, sadly it does seem like there’s a lot of people who shun Christians and take God and Jesus’s name in vein. I used to get frustrated but I believe it’s just people trying to get to me or really the devil. I found out that it’s a lot more difficult to be a rebel against God than to be a rebel against people. I actually kind of like being a rebel toward people – it’s kind of fun so I’m never shy about sharing my faith with others because I don’t care what others think about me. I think it’s a very INTJ thing to do in that I have never really respected people that much. Christians should be the anomalies of the world.

    Hollywood is especially secular but there are a huge number of athletes who share their faith on their twitter accounts. So that is really cool!

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  2. ambr2112 says:

    personally I think it is cool ☺ sadly the masses are worshipping the other guy, but they’ve been brainwashed & tricked by mainstream media, music (mostly pop & hip hop & rap at the moment) & I’m not bashing music add I love mostly Alternative, but those performers/entertainers are also or they’re the ones pushing this as they’re sucked into it at first

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