A poem to God


I seek your wisdom
I long for your voice
I wait for your presence.

I fear you
I hide from you at times,
I am ashamed to speak.
I hide my feelings
I suppress my evil thoughts and actions…
but you already know of them.
And you love me anyway.

I have been forgiven,
Oh Lord,
will you help me truly accept this?
Can you give me more faith?
It is so difficult for me to know things I cannot know.
I am merely a human.
I rely on sight for faith,
yet I cannot see you.
…Or can I?

Do you whisper to me with a summer breeze?
Do you speak to me with a baby’s laugh?
Do you shine on me through my husband’s eyes?
Lord how can I be so blind?
Forgive me lord,
I am merely a human.

3 thoughts on “A poem to God

  1. Michele Edgel says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I posted this great poem on my facebook page. I think you are doing a great job here and I am so proud of you. Keep the faith, shout it from the rooftops, do not ever be afraid to profess in Jesus Christ. You know that I am very vocal. My motto is “Don’t be offended I am a Christian, because I am not offended you are Atheist, Muslim, Buddist or whatever.” Remember God loves you and so do I (GLYASDI) your eternal sister in Christ,

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