My Testimony for how I came to Jesus

Part ONEMy life before I came to Christ.

Spiritually, my life before I came to Christ was lacking. Although I had faith in the existence of a Creator God, I did not have a loving relationship with him. I also doubted the deity of Jesus Christ. Looking back, I realize I was spiritually lost. At the time, however, I did not know I was lost, nor would I have listened to anyone if they brought this to my attention. I was living a selfish life of frivolous spending, drinking alcohol, and promiscuity.

Part TWOHow I came to a cognitive knowledge of Who Jesus is and what He did for me.

My late teens and early twenties consisted mainly of working full-time and partying on the weekends. There was not much God in the picture, although curiosity was always present in my life concerning religion and spirituality. At 25, I became pregnant with my son. Everything changed for me the moment I found out I was carrying him. God was the only thing on my mind. I knew my life needed more spiritual direction. I so desired for my child to have a sober mother whom he could respect. I wanted my child to have a relationship with our Creator, like those “Christians” I had seen at church. Whatever they had, and they looked happy—and I wanted it for my new family.

Part THREECircumstances surrounding your conversion.

At the time I became pregnant, I started attending church and seeking answers. It took three years of studying philosophy and religion in college, reading the entire Bible, and reading books like the Case for Christ to be convinced that Jesus is the only Savior of humanity and that he is the only way to the Father and to eternal, everlasting life. I knew that if I wanted to be a true Christian I would have to truly believe and put my faith in Jesus—being saved cannot be faked—God knows what lies in our hearts. I did my due diligence reading and meditating on Scripture, and asking tons of questions (my Study Bible came in handy for this purpose). I decided to be baptized April 2015 at my church, and the weekend after there was a Women’s Retreat I went to that only confirmed that my choice in Jesus Christ was the right one for me. I do not want to follow or put my faith in anything or anyone else. Following Christ intellectually makes sense to me now—Christianity, the way Jesus intended it to be, is the most logical philosophy I have studied as to why we are here, who we are, and where we are headed after this life. I am now 28 with two children and I pray dearly they will make the same decision that their parents did.

Part FOURHow would you describe your spiritual growth from the time you accepted Christ to today?

Since my conversion is recent, I would not say there has been much growth in a few short months. My viewpoint is that following Christ truly means to “take up your cross daily” as he spoke about to his disciples. It takes repentance, accepting our imperfect state, knowing Jesus way is the way, the truth and the light. I feel I have more of a relationship with God than I have ever had before, and the quality of my life overall has improved. I no longer drink, I watch what comes out of my mouth, and I give to those in need whenever I can. I am happier, and I feel my life has purpose now. However, I have slip-ups. I struggle with idolatry in forms of body image, money, and stress. Even so, because I have Jesus on my side, there is always going to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

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