Struggling with loving the world…

Jesus instructed his followers: “Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in them (1: John 2:15

It seems very clear that he does not want his followers to get swept up in this perishing world’s fads, cultures, and customs. Yet, I confess I am struggling with my love of this world. My desires consume me every day. My iPhone, my kids, my online shopping, my workouts, and my television are just several of many more worldly things that I partake in, yet deep down I know He hates. Lately, I have found myself more invested in my appearance and what is (or is not) in the bank account, than what is written to me in the Bible. I am joyful that the Holy Spirit is upon my heart today, convicting me. It is as if God is saying to me, “Dear Child, come back to me.”

As human beings, and residents of the United States more specifically, we are busy! We need to work to pay bills, and we need recreational activities to de-stress from all the work. We have hobbies, meetings, dates, appointments, and parties to get to. We are constantly rushing around, are we not? God instructs us to STOP and seek Him first!!!  I know that no matter your schedule, you can take five or ten minutes to be in His word. Put a Bible in the bathroom, gentlemen, you can read that instead. I will try read my Bible this week before the kids wake up in the morning. If I can’t wake up early, I will read a few pages or chapters before bedtime, and I keep a Bible on my nightstand for this. If you work, why not keep a Bible in your car and read it on your lunch break. Download a Bible app and read it (or hear a podcast/audio version) anywhere you go.

Staying in His word is a great way to not get swept up in the desires and things of this world. This is not an easy thing to do, however, when we are residents of planet earth. Our surroundings affect us and shape us. Yet, we need to fight getting caught up in our daily struggles, and arm ourselves with the Word of God. It is especially necessary when we are fighting difficult battles that we ourselves cannot fix. (Yet why do we try so hard? Why do we not pray to Him and turn to Him when our lives seem to fall apart? That’s another story for a different day).

His word grounds us, and has the Holy Spirit living in it, ready to lift us up. I invite you to pray for me today, that I stay more in His word than society and the evil one’s ways. I pray for you as well, that you will find refuge in his words and messages. They are so lovely and powerful and I am truly thankful that he pulled me to Him today, when I needed Him most.

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