Found a church…

Thankfully this weekend my family found a church close to our home. Since we moved to a new state this month, it has been difficult getting settled in. I don’t know if it’s because I am getting older and now have kids, or what, but it’s really taking a lot out of me these days.

Interestingly enough, the message today was about finding rest. The pastor spoke to us who have not found it. He pointed out if we are comparing ourselves to others, trying to constantly work on our reputation, worried about the opinions of others, highly focused on work, our weight, etc., then we aren’t finding rest. He spoke about when Jesus said we need to come to Him like little children…and then we will find rest.

If we truly repent, put our heads down, and our hands high up to Him…surrendering, and acknowledging our weakness and mere humanity…we can come to Him and find rest. Jesus wasn’t looking for people who are perfect, who have it all figured out…he was looking for the broken, the wounded, the sinners.

I am happy to admit I am broken, nowhere near perfect, and a sinner. I do need some intercession in my life. I found today’s sermon refreshing, and it gave me hope. It took me to a happier place, which I needed since lately life’s been a bit on the gloomy side.

No matter how bad of an attitude I have, or how bad my day is, or how I see things…God remains God. He doesn’t change, even if I change. This is comforting to focus on in times of stressful circumstance.

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