Keeping things tight with God…

Does it matter what religion we are, so long as we are Christian? Some think it does. I am exploring this question and its potential answer in my personal life currently.

I was raised “sort-of” Catholic, and fell away from the Church when I didn’t have to go anymore (about age 11). It wasn’t until my mid-20’s that I found my way back to God via a quest to find out who Jesus was, and later became baptized at a non-denominational church.

I am so thankful for the church that brought me closer to Christ. They showed me how true Christians should live their lives and serve others. After a recent move to another state, and finding a new church (though a very welcoming and great church) I still feel distanced from God. The church I go to is Presbyterian, which I have not encountered until my recent move.

Anyhow, after prayerful contemplation, I felt the urge to research local catholic churches and find out if they had any resources available for someone in my sort of lost and wandering position. Turns out they did. I was invited to an adult catholic course that reminds me of the CCD classes I’ve taken as a child. Except there were sixty other people there, and they were grown ups!

I found the discussions quite helpful and interesting, as they explained why Catholics do the things they do, and why they believe their Church is the closest Church to the Lord. Jesus built his Church on the Rock of Peter, they said.

So where will this go from here? I really don’t know. If it takes a non-denominational church, a Presbyterian church, and a Catholic church to help me truly reach my fullest potential in Christ on this earth than so be it! I’ll try to write my findings as I encounter the world of Catholic apologetics–something I am unfamiliar with. I have read many works by knowledgeable Christian apologists, but never a Catholic. Yet.

Stay tuned…


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