Catholicism for Beginners

My head is spinning. I’ve met with Catholic apologists, read works by Catholic scholars, and heard arguments against and for the Catholic church. My mind is truly blown.

Is there really only one “true” church, or is it okay to belong to the different sects of Christianity i.e. Presbyterians, Protestant, Baptist, and so on? The word catholic means universal. They were the first Christian church, and canonized the Bible. It wasn’t until the 1500’s that books were removed from the Bible, and used by Protestants.

I have not been to mass in almost twenty years, but am going for it Sunday to see how they worship. I am enjoying learning about the Catholic church and why they believe the things they believe.

What is disheartening, however, is the animosity between different sects of Christianity. We should unite together, we all have faith in Jesus and should love one another after all, correct? However, according to, a site that I’ve used multiple times for references, Catholics are not Christians because they worship Mary and other idols.

I have found this to be untrue. They revere God and Jesus, and the Holy Spirit as the Trinity as Supreme. They believe faith in Jesus can save you, and Jesus died for our sins. They acknowledge the fact that Mary is blessed because it says so in the Bible.

What I recommend this week, is to ask yourself why you believe the things you believe. My current quest is to find the church I need to be with, and that my family needs to become a family with. A church isn’t just a place you go in my opinion, but a community that you serve and love and come together with. The church helps raise children, support families, and they can do that because of its members. Jesus said he built his church on the Rock of Peter, who started the Catholic church. Does this imply Catholicism is the true church I am looking for?

I am unsure at the moment, but am fascinated by my findings thus far. I think it is important for everyone to know why they hold so dear their truths, morals and values, so that they may defend such things at any moment.

One thought on “Catholicism for Beginners

  1. lutheranladiesconnection says:

    I know that I have not posted any comments lately, but I have been reading your blog and following it faithfully. My opinion is that NO ONE should judge anyone or their religion. I am a Lutheran because I believe in the theology that is taught at my church. The trinity, Jesus Christ Crucified for me, and that no one can come to the Father except from him. My stepdad was Catholic and I am familiar with the religion, but by no means an expert. I have different fundamental beliefs than Catholics – I do not believe in purgatory, I do not believe that we can buy our way into heaven with indulgences, I do not believe that we can do enough good works to make us fully sanctified, and there are others. But I do believe that is anyone believes that Jesus Christ died for them and seek him with a living faith, confess our sins to Him they are accepted. Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran and the list can go on. I hope you can find a church that will support you, teach you and comfort you and your wonderful family. You can always count on me to be there for you. God Loves You And So Do I
    I remain, Your Sister in Christ
    Michele Edgel
    PS The reunion group at St Paul’s has started a blog check it out Lutheran Ladies Connection

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