Spiritual Dryness

Has anyone suffered from spiritual dryness here? Writing the last post led me to write some thoughts on spiritual dryness. This happens to me more often than not, and I have spoken to pastors and deeply rooted Christian friends about this issue.

One of the best talks I had about spiritual dryness was with a pastor of mine. We both have dealt (like most people) with trauma in our lives, and we tend to be on the angry side when things don’t happen our way. My pastor could relate to the struggles I had, and it was comforting to know that not only did he suffer from anger but he suffered from spiritual dryness too. Some people cannot comprehend the love of God because it is simply not seen (very well) here on earth. It is rare that people encounter such a strong, deep love in their lives. As a result, we put up walls. The walls can be good, blocking hurt and ill-willed people. However, the walls block out knowledge of God’s love. This is troublesome.

I go through phases where I am pumped up about Church every Sunday, reading the Bible daily, praying all day long, etc. Then for some reason or another, I lose my lack of enthusiasm, and I get bitter. I stop reading the Bible. I think to myself, “What is the point?” I feel stuck, in a place where God doesn’t love me or is angry at me, or in a place where I feel like there is no hope. All I can say is, it gets better, I know it does. Life is cycles and seasons, and we just need to ride the waves until the end.

Keep on truckin’.

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Dryness

  1. jculler1972 says:

    Most people, even the most spiritual, have desert times. If you look up some Christian classics, there is even a name for it — the dark night of the soul. Some think if we persevere through the dark night, we come out at an even higher spiritual plane, so you’re right … keep truckin’


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