Can you still be a good Christian with a bad past?

I am working on a project dealing with Titus 2:11-14 so there will be more in-depth updates on this. The principle of the Bible passage I chose (Titus 2:11-14) is that ALL Christians should live moral lives because we have been saved by the grace of God, and thus live to give glory to Jesus Christ.

How does my principle apply to all people in all stages of life? Any person, at most any age can be a Christian. The only exception to this in my mind is babies or invalids, and I believe Jesus has compassion and love for both. Thus, competent people with knowledge of right from wrong can choose to live for Jesus, loving others, following the 10 Commandments and worshiping God. By living moral lives and listening to our conscience, or as some call God, we are honoring Him with our lives until his Son comes for us. Even if one is not rich, they can still choose to do the right thing when making life choices. Remembering we are His servants can keep us humble and upright.

In the past I have thought I have sinned too much to possibly be what I called a “goody-goody,” or a good Christian girl. When I was a teenager I fell away from the church. For almost ten years I drank, did drugs, lived an immoral, ungodly life and had no clue who Jesus was. I truly didn’t. I didn’t understand the “Christian” kids, and I enjoyed partying and getting tattoos insead. I was very hurt and angry inside, and I covered it up with trying to be “tough” and “cool.” Sometimes my “tough guy” attitude still comes out. When God blessed me at 25 with my first baby, my past reminded me of how much trouble lost children can encounter. I knew I wanted better for my child, and future children. I had to find out who God was, who Jesus was, where I needed to worship, and fast!

Well, an authentic relationship with Jesus eventually came, but it was anything but fast. Now, at 30 I try to live an upright, godly and moral life as Titus instructs, and as God instructs us to. I am covered in tattoos, and I used to do “bad” things, but I can still choose to be a “goody-goody Christian girl.” I am going to use my past for good. Maybe I can influence other troubled teens someday. Now I volunteer, am active in my church, and try to help others whenever I can. I always try to think about what God would want me to do in certain situations, and I see myself as a warrior for Christ. I have the fire in me, and I want to get others fired up, too. The thing is, despite my past, Jesus still loves me. He died for me, and I would for Him. I am going to give Him the rest of my life, and I hope one day He will say (after I account for my multitude of sins) that I did some good.



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