Have you been wronged by the Church?

The Christian Church, no matter what the denomination, should model their behavior after Christ. After all, the root word of Christian is Christ. Yet, even Christians fail, and sin, and act more like the Pharisees and Saducees of Jesus’ time than Jesus Christ. I struggle with judging others, though I know Matthew 7 points out how hypocritical this sin is. Daily, I must refocus my priorities on the cross, on Jesus, and on God’s will for me. Sometimes more than just daily.

When I was treated unfairly by Christians as I looked for a Christian church, I immediately concluded that Christians were judge-y, cliquey, and mean. I didn’t fully understand at the time that this was only partially true–Christians are just people that are called to follow the ways of their Lord and Savior, God’s only begotten Son, Jesus. I made the mistake of not attending church for years, because I did not feel loved or accepted.

Despite the fact that I was treated wrong, I made a grave mistake. I stopped going to church. That was a gargantuan error on my part, because it separated me from God. When I came back to the church, I met kind and loving Christ-followers, and also some more “judgey” folks. The thing is, I am responsible for my actions, and I will have to make an account to God at the end of my life for those actions.

I was pondering this concept and wondering how many out there have been turned off by rude people, unloving people who claim to follow Christ. My heart breaks and aches for those people, because I was one of them. I find myself on both ends of the scope, which is wrong. To discontinue worshiping your Creator because of your fellow sinner’s attitudes is like to stop working on your college degree because of a rude student or teacher. You can relate it to not going to the gym because of a rude trainer or member. You are cutting your nose off to spite your face, and when you stop going to Church, you are cutting off Christ from entering in your heart. You are not only hurting yourself, but Him. No matter what denomination you belong to, we are all united in Christ, and should love one another and treat one another accordingly, despite our sinful ways.

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