Navigating through life

Why struggle with maps, compasses, signs, when you can utilize your GPS, right? So why do we ask the opinions of peers, peer over celebrity Instagram posts, or seek influences and inspiration from places that contradict the ways of the Lord? The ultimate road map for living in this world is Scripture. Just like our GPS will get us there faster, Scripture will get us to where we need to be in life faster– it takes us away from all the distractions and focuses us on what is important…on what life IS.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the ways of the world, after all we live in it. I am bombarded with opinions, advertisements, music, pictures, and people that say life is about looking good, feeling good, and having it all. What does “having it all” mean anyway? Being sexy is everything, and focusing one’s own desires and aspirations is key to planning out your future.

So how do we cling to Jesus in a culture of “ME!”? By clinging on to His words. This life will tell you Jesus was a historical figure, a nice guy, a prophet…but HIS life tells us that he was truly the Son of God. He tells us the only way to God and heaven in the afterlife is through Him. John 3:16 explains that the Creator of humanity saved us from the wicked ways of the evil one by giving us His Son to die, though innocent, so we can be saved through Him. Yet, talk about this at a social gathering, and people look at you weird. You get labeled “Jesus-freak” or one of “those” super religious/pushy types.

Sometimes we are given situations in life where we have to choose. Look cool, save face…-or- choose God’s way, and say no to things that don’t align with your morals. Say no to getting wasted because everyone else is doing it. Say no to wasting time, wasting your body, wasting your education, say no to wasting away. Spend time doing, achieving, loving…but not yourself–HIM and HIS. His people. The more we look ahead, and look up rather than looking behind or in the mirror, the more we are drawn to who we actually ARE and who we can be in Christ.

Keep fighting the good fight.

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