I am excited for the future. Right now is a good season for me, or at least that’s how I am seeing it today.

Check this out! I am starting a personal training career while homeschooling my two kids. Things will be busy, but they will be GOOD! I am excited to have finished my bachelor’s degree last year, in Christian Counseling from Liberty University. I feel that my expertise in helping others will contribute immensely to how I train others to get fit, and love their bodies. I am exciting to create workout, nutrition and fitness plans for everyone, and encourage people to be the best and happiest self they possibly can. I think that is what will set me apart from other personal trainers. I want to be more of a life coach. Who knows, maybe next year’s #2018goals will be to get my master’s in Counseling and get licensed! For now, I am going to focus on helping people like YOU.

I have been through depression, anxiety, extreme weight gain and loss, anger management classes, poverty, stress, isolation, and then some… let’s chat, and get you through whatever it is you are battling so you can be healthy inside and out.


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