Still celebrating Easter

Just humble-bragging about my husband’s message to his Bible Study Group this week…some food for thought:

     I apologize for the extremely late post. We read today about The resurrection story yet again and for me I am still pumped about Easter. What a great holiday where we celebrate awesomeness. Trying not to be corny but it really is amazing. Anyway, I used to wonder why everyone made such a big deal out of the resurrection. Jesus could and would still be the son of God with or without him raising from the dead. He didn’t have to come and die for our sins to be our God, he already was. So why is it so important. This week has showed me that if he didn’t I doubt Christianity would exist. Most of his disciples didn’t even believe he was the Messiah. Would the early church have been established without the resurrection. Crazy to think about but the story might have been a whole lot different, possible no story, without the resurrection. I know there are those out there that say if Jesus didn’t die for us then we would all be lost. I agree, but that doesn’t mean that the creator of the universe, of everything, has to do anything for us. He wiped out civilization almost completely and started over.  He can do whatever he wants. He could be very happy and content with Heaven being empty and not so full. But, one of the many things that we don’t understand about, His love for us has saved us. Let us all think about that forever. Truly, we are blessed. We deserve nothing and still are given everything. Most turn away at the slightest feeling of inconvenience or hardship. Let us all truly repent and praise and thank our Holy Father for his love. I sit in silence sometimes begging in my mind for him to speak to me and guide me. I don’t deserve it and in his mind he probably is saying I already have my son. Let us continue to read his words and instructions to us and thank him for all of the amazing wonders he has given us. I’m not going to say God bless you, maybe never again, because he already has. Love you brothers, have a great Sunday.

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