To Survive vs. to Live Each Day

via Daily Prompt: Survive

What does it mean to survive? To live…to stay alive…to survive is to stay alive. When I think about a major car accident on the news, and I read that people survived, I think, “Wow, phew! Great!” However, when I think about the word survive in my own little life’s context, I think it is just getting by.

“What did you do today?”


Okay, that’s great. To survive you need basic safety, oxygen, food and water. But isn’t life more than just survival? Shouldn’t we be living? Again, I can only write from my worldview, however when I think of living, I think of being in the moment. Being active. Joy. Feeling. Pain. Leaping. Moving. More. A lot more than surviving.

I want to live this life. I want to live a better life. I don’t want to just “survive.” God blessed us with a shot at eternal salvation, along with days of wonder and living on this planet. I want to live a grateful, adventurous, life.

Here’s to trying.

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