Politics and stuff…. #maga #antifa #trump

Twitter is insane these days, with proverbial battles about physical battles battling for power, voice, and rights. I can’t help but feel anyone’s opinion will inevitably offend someone of an opposing political party, myself included. Sometimes I will read a liberal point of view and shake my head. Other times, I have been cursed out via DM for expressing my support of our 45th President, Donald Trump. Say what you will, but he is being attacked by mainstream media, which caters to liberal democrats. It just is. My hat is off to him, as he continues to bat for America each and every day.

However, as a Christian, it is frustrating. I know my prejudice about decisions so-called progressives make is being judgemental. However, as Christians we are to stand for what is right, defend the needy and the helpless, and make smart choices. Where the line is drawn, however, is where the shades of gray begin to melt into each other. It is impossible to not offend anyone with your worldview. You hate dogs? You’re going to piss someone off. You hate being overweight? You will be called a bodyshamer. Does it offend you when women abort babies in the third trimester? You will be called a close-minded hypocrite.

So, is there any way we can win? What is the end-goal? Can Americans win, unite, and stand together as one party of America? Can we forget about democrats vs. republicans, or liberals and conservatives? Can we not label for a day, and look at the bigger picture? To look at the bigger picture would to ultimately realize we are in this country, and this world together. If only our common ground, quite literally, was enough to keep the peace.

Do everything out of love. 1 Corinthians 16:14

One thought on “Politics and stuff…. #maga #antifa #trump

  1. Michele Edgel says:

    Sarah, My Sister in Christ
    We are told very plainly that the world will not like us because of our beliefs. I am for God, and my Saviour Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, EVERYTHING else comes after that. So, if you dislike me because I feel abortion at any time is murder – so be it. If you hate me because I feel that homosexuality is wrong – so be it. If you hate me because I am a Christian – Thank you I must be dong something right. We are told that being a Christian isn’t easy, if it is, you are probably doing something wrong. That being said just because I am not liberal and am against those things that are deemed wrong in the Bible – that doesn’t mean I am against the person committing the sin just the act itself.
    Always remember God Loves You And So Do I

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