Who am I?

Well, I am ME. I am Sarah, I am a real person, I am genuine and you can contact me anytime. I am friendly, and can get along with just about anyone. Unless you are mean.

I also am Christian, but not a shove-it-down-your-throat type. Because honestly, that’s annoying. My philosophy is WE as human beings are all equal, all sinners, and we need to help each other out. The world is hard enough, why make it worse for your fellow person by being a jerk? My bachelor’s degree is in Religion: Christian Counseling because Scripture is actually some fascinating stuff.

What also makes me a real person is my REAL Life experiences…not just all rainbows and sunshine. I have been pregnant and raised a colicky baby alone while my husband was deployed overseas. I have dealt with post-partum depression, extreme anxiety that ended up in hospital visits (twice) and depression in general. I have been overweight, and bounced back (several times). I have made BAD mistakes. I have been in tens of thousands of dollars in debt. I have picked pennies off of my car seat to just to get enough change for a taco for dinner. I have attended court-mandated anger management classes. I have struggled with alcohol, and I know what it feels like to be high on drugs. I have been arrested numerous times, and I know what it is like to spend the night in a jail cell. I cannot escape my past, nor do I want to. I have dealt with many other crazy things and bad hurts, but it has made me stronger.

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